The employees of Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd. had a two-day trip to Yingde


The employees of Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd. in Dongguan embarked on a two-day trip to Yingde, a nationally renowned characteristic town in Guangdong province.As a company that values its employees' welfare and personal development, Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd. treated its staff members with a trip that combines both relaxation and education, aiming to improve the team's cohesion, creativity, and productivity.

What is the difference between LED eye-protection lamp and ordinary desk lamp?


Although a lot of students are right now eye protecting lamp is more favour, but still have the student of majority still using common desk lamp to learn, eye protecting lamp and common desk lamp what is the difference to have? Basically understand a few student things knowledge more, can understand the distinction of two of them more deeply, the student had better use eye protection lamp when studying, just can protect his eyesight very well.

What kind of design does wall lamp have


When designing wall lamp, want to consider the relation of wall lamp and metope, the colour of nowadays coating is rich, can pass change the means of wall colour, let wall lamp do not appear isolated

Introduction to LED desk lamp


LED lamp is also known as solid state LED lamp lighting, as the third generation of lighting technology after incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, with the characteristics of energy saving, environ

To celebrating the successful holding of the Charity Mutual Fund of Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd


On September 17th, 2019, with fresh air and sunny weather, it is a memorable day for whole family of Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd. As the company was formally established today of eight years ago. Under the leadership of the General Manager Mr. Zhao, the whole family member in Dongguan Clear Sky Home Decoration Co., Ltd. work together to make the company grow up from zero, from weak to strong, and from small to large. Our products of curtain rod, hardware lamps, glass lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are exported to European and American markets. Meanwhile, we have won the trust and favor of our customers with our excellent quality, cost-effective products and good services. Moreover, we have become high-quality suppliers of well-know brands such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and TARGET with annual output value exceeded USD10 million already.
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